S-IIE functions, both physically and administratively, within the institutions that host the project in each city it visits. The school takes the form of a workshop consisting of twelve classes or encounters of two hours each—the equivalent of spending an entire day together. When the workshop ends normally another one starts right after it, meaning that multiple sessions of the workshop take place at the same venue. The new sessions include former participants that would like to continue attending and/or newcomers.

Each workshop consists of a maximum of twelve participants coordinated by a teacher and two assistants—who will, when necessary, also work as interpreters. Encounters are conducted using English language as lingua franca but French, Arabic, Spanish, and other languages are used on a daily basis as well.

S-IIE responds to its ethos of embracing education as a communal cooperative model based on the co-production of knowledge and therefore, adjusts both its curriculum and general organization according to the characteristics of the contexts the project encounters in each city it visits.

The workshop is free of charge and includes all the necessary materials.

To reserve a spot in the next workshop please register via email here.

Specifics about S-IIE Brussels (2019-2020)

Based in the capital of Europe, S-IIE Brussels focuses on the crisis of refugees and homeless migrants currently taking place in the continent. Because of the unique circumstances in which most participants find themselves—coming mainly from Palestine, Syria, Libya, Irak, Afghanistan, and Yemen some participants are in Belgium to stay and many are in the process of migrating to other countries—our work can be the result of multiple encounters or, in some cases, just one.

Encounters take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15.30 to 17.30 h.


Marcos Bertucelli, Mahdi Alnoufi, Mohamed Alkhattib, Ekaterina Niklyaeva, Dara Alonso Santana, Moad Saad Ammar, Aiman Hassan Ali, Hannah Törnell, Adam Ali, Faniel Nerayo, Michèle Hubinon, Juan Gallardo Roca, Aminullah Mommand, Bahaeldin Gassmalla, and Mohammed Baharaldyn.


Summer Woodman McKinnon and Martin Blanco.

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